Authentic Montessori in a Christian Environment
Montessori Christian Academy
12605 E Chandler Heights Road
Chandler, AZ 85249

Montessori Christian Academy is a true authentic Montessori school. The school was founded in 2002 by Mark and Jennifer
Richards. The school is committed to staying to the core roots of the Montessori teachings and philosophy.   Not all Montessori
schools are equal.  Dr. Montessori lost her right to patent the name Montessori, so anyone can use the name and just because a
school says it is "Montessori" does not mean it is a true authentic Montessori school.    There are many "Monta Something
Schools" out there and many differnt accrediations.  Dr. Montessori was also a devout Christian and believed children need to be
nurtured not only academically but spiritually and emotionally as well.  Many schools and many accrediations  have left this core
principle out of the Montessori classroom see the real difference of a true Montessori program.

Montessori Christian Academy is nestled on an acre of land and boast a true outdoor environment.
The school host a variety of animals, plants, and gardens in which the children are responsible for.  Montessori children work on
advanced concepts academically, children see life happen right before their eyes and experience it hands on.  The classrooms are
warm, inviting and nurture the child.  

What is Montessori?  Montessori is a hands on curriculum that follows the child.  Montessori teaches children for life not just for
the next year.  The curriculum follows the child and instills in them that they are the most important thing in life and they are in
control of their own destination.  Children are prepared for the advance concepts in both life and in education. The primary classroom
sets the stage for the advance work in the elementary classroom.  In Montessori we ask ourselves what do we want these children to
be like when they are older and leaders in the world; not just about what they can do at the next grade level.  Is Montessori right for
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with A.M.I trained staff
International Accredited

Founded in 2002